“Before and Afters”


I love to take pictures of my clients before applying makeup because it shows what’s possible. When you see the fresh-faced pics next to the finished look, the transformation is often dramatic! Whether my clients are looking for a natural look or something a little more festive for a special event, I love the glamming-up process.64887A02-F44B-4742-9F5B-B1F582CA16FAB1775FB1-AB82-46E6-947C-61471AA5308ECE774A61-0CB3-4C33-B0FA-FBD544001DE8FF02B6D6-0F3B-4B1E-AEB9-1485D383217C477EAEBA-318E-4BAE-87F9-96C1CC1EEE08image2image1AEF4FAE7-C9D3-43A1-9C50-6BEBC2AC2AD6DF8F8686-B832-4BEE-BDC2-82298B924508F6178B30-F5F5-4C99-874E-69A7213BFB89IMG_67715A63B300-AA91-4375-BFC1-12EBC463F021


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